After redeeming the coupon code from CrazyAvocado we would connect you to the product page. After adding the product to cart and proceeding to the payment page, enter the claim code (coupon code) on the select a payment method page or the Place Your Order page of the order form.
Note: If you don't place an order at the time you enter the code, the promotion will remain on your account until it is used or until the promotion expires.
Enter the promotion code exactly as specified. Do not add spaces before, inside of, or after the promotion code.
You can verify that a promotion code was successfully applied by reviewing your Order Confirmation e-mail or by going to Your Account.
To help the policy that each person only would get one coupon per product. This protects our Sellersand would make sure there would remain enough coupons for other users to enjoy. You can always share the coupon link to friends or family members.
We never share your phone number with anyone, and verification is the only time we contact your phone number.
We do not allow VOIP or landline phone numbers to be used for verifications for security reasons.
According to our Terms of services, we would give you one coupon code per item. Should we find that you are not following these terms, we do reserve the right to suspend your account. Depending on the type of the coupon code, you might be able to add more than one count of that item to your card and buy.
Each day you have a limit of three coupon codes. After midnight (12:00 AM) every day, your limit would reset, and you will have another three coupon codes for the next 24 hours.
Since for now, there is no way of checking a coupon code to see if it works, except using the code; this situation might happen. We would kindly ask you to flag the offer so we can follow up and make sure we fix the issue. Please Contact Us and we would be happy to give you another chance to use a coupon on another product.
Absolutely not. Per our Privacy Policy we never share any personal customer information.
Sorry, no more than one account per person please. If we find that one person has multiple accounts, we may suspend all accounts in question.
CrazyAvocado is only responsible in delivering the coupons to you. After getting the coupons do not forget to purchase the product and leave a review for the seller who provided you with the coupon.
But, please contact our Customer Service team if you wish to terminate your account. We hope to see you come back soon.
If you have a question and it is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us!